Sell with Honour

Honour is always looking for gorgeous vintage and second hand designer clothing, shoes and accessories to add to our collections. If you’re having a wardrobe clear out or know it’s time to give some items a new life, we’d love to see them.

Unlike other consignment stores, Honour will never discount your garments. If we believe a price drop may help to sell the item, we'll always seek your consent first, and will never make a change without your approval.

How it works...

Bring us your pre-loved clothes
Honour is always looking for gorgeous garments to add to our selection. If you’re having a wardrobe clear out or know it’s time to give some items a new life, we’d love to see them.
Get a temporary receipt
We will give you a temporary basic receipt on which we count your garments and collect your personal details. 
We price your items
With her retail experience and fashion knowledge, Sue will price each item fairly, although you are welcome to give input if you have a price in mind. 50% of the ticket price after GST is deducted. Example: ticket price $115, GST $15 and balance of $100 split between seller and Honour Fashion.
Review your prices via email
You’ll receive a detailed email receipt where we will ask you to review the prices of your garments and send us your bank account details.
Your items are in store for 8 weeks
Your garments will then be displayed in store for eight weeks. During this time, they will be cared for as if they were our own, and we will steam each item to help it look its best.
Stay updated on your account
During the eight weeks, Honour offers a personal garment manager to help you stay up to date on your items and receive payment. You can email Emma at any time at to request an update on your account.
Sold items - receive payment
You can request to be paid for the items already sold at any time, or you can wait until the end of the eight weeks.
Unsold items - pick up or donate
If your items remain unsold at the end of the eight weeks we will contact you so you can collect them. Alternatively, we can donate your unsold items to Dress For Success.

It's an honour to be supporting Dress for Success

Dress for Success empowers women for economic independence by providing them with essential clothing. Honour contributes by donating unsold garments to support their cause. We appreciate our customers for enabling us to help New Zealand women thrive.

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