About Honour

Launched in 2014 by fashion-lover Sue Allen, Honour celebrates secondhand designer clothing, quality materials and sustainable style. The idea behind Honour is a simple one: honour yourself, honour your wardrobe, and honour the planet.

Honour gives New Zealand women of all sizes and tastes the opportunity to look and feel their best in beautiful vintage and designer clothing that will last. We pride ourselves in making every purchase and consignment sale special. We prioritise quality and timeless design over fleeting fashion trends, while championing the movement away from fast fashion, to prevent garments from ending up in landfills.

Explore a thoughtfully curated collection of vintage and designer secondhand clothing, shoes and accessories at fair prices. Uncover designer treasures from names like Trelise Cooper, Juliette Hogan, Kathryn Wilson, Karen Walker, and Kowtow, as well as international brands and hidden gems from emerging talent. The joy lies in the thrill of discovering what's new in store each week!

Sue Allen - Owner of Honour Fashion

"Everyone is welcome at Honour. We cater to a variety of sizes, tastes and budgets. It's the place to go to explore one-of-a-kind pieces or become enchanted by that perfect, special something waiting just for you. While our garments are not brand new, they're brand new to you! We carefully wrap each piece in tissue paper and place it in an Honour bag."

Sue allen - Owner, Honour fashion


It's an honour to be supporting Dress for Success

Dress for Success empowers women for economic independence by providing them with essential clothing. Honour contributes by donating unsold garments to support their cause. We appreciate our customers for enabling us to help New Zealand women thrive.

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